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Olia Victorieva: Brand history

Olia Victorieva: Brand history

   Olia Victorieva is a relevant young brand with a global cult following. Created in 2015, the label is becoming synonymous with high quality womenswear.  Just shortly after its creation, the brand has already become easily recognisable. Today, its clientele continues to grow exponentially. 

   A designer who is keen on painting and has an exquisite taste in art is often inspired by the canvases of great masters. He or she is particularly influenced by the flow of impressionism, with its amazing atmosphere and individual colour transfer. It is passion for colour that defines a designer's favourite tools: numerous interpretations of colour in trimming and embroidery, combinations of different textures, artful lace and multilayered appliqués. The result is Olia Victorieva's unique interpretation of her own impression of art. In the abundance of decorations and variety of colours, the designer found a single silhouette line system for the collection that compliments the female body. Our brand is aimed at helping every woman wearing our clothes express her individuality and experience beauty with fine art. 

   Today, Olia Victorieva is recognised in fashion as haute couture and is being showcased in the most prominent uptown boutiques of the world.